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Are you tired of being dismissed by doctors? Are you spending most of your time in the waiting room when you go to an appointment? 
Dr Lisa Chavez is a holistic Naturopathic Physician who is passionate about integrative medicine, she has a background in biochemistry, training in traditional medical systems and an open mind. Dr Lisa specializes in Allergies, Anxiety/Depression, Hormonal and Neuroendocrine (adrenal) imbalances, Weight management and taking practical and empowering steps for caring for your greatest wealth–your health!

"...your health is your root, let it support you as you blossom" Dr Lisa   …your health is your root, let it support you as you blossom..

Feel free to take our free holistic health survey, and get a glimpse of those areas of your health that may need a little or a lot more attention. You can also schedule a free 20 minute consult here, if you’d like to see if Naturopathic Medicine is an excellent healthcare option for you.
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Dr Chavez is an in-network provider for Regence, Premera, Bridgespan, Lifewise and First Choice. Please check your insurance benefits for specific details of coverage.

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