Supplement Questions or Special Requests?

If you can’t find what you need, or If you have a general inquiry about supplements please email, with Supplements in subject line and Dr Lisa or her assistant will get back to you on the regular email response schedule (M/W/F 1-4PM). Shipment orders received by Tuesday at 2PM are usually delivered by that Friday.

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Order Supplement Refills Here:

Supplement refills link here for established patients do NOT pay tax, and get an additional 10% on their prescribed supplements when they order natural medicines and refills here with patient code; shipping charges do apply. If you’d like to order Designs for Health products with free shipping link here, or use your patient first order discount code to order DFH from Amazon Prime.

For online payments towards a previous balance or to buy a Concierge pass, you can visit  the Good Natured Medicine Square Page.




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Like you we consider the environmental impact of shipping packages, that’s why we offer auto-ship discounts for Established Patients. Please let us know if you’d like to sign up for auto-ship and save. Auto-shipments are set up for delivery every 2 months, and invoiced every 7 weeks- thank you for submitting payment so that we can get your order submitted upon receipt.

Please don’t transmit Personal Health Information unless you’ve signed an Opt-In agreement, or you can send a message to the encrypted email at We actively encourage you to sign up for an end2end encrypted email account.